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"Warning! Noodelation may lead to a true mutation of your inhibitions!"

- R. U. Sirius, writer, editor, talk show host, musician,
cyberculture celebrity, and co-founder of Mondo 2000

If God provided humans with the gift of a built-in cushion, Jesus advised us to turn the other cheek. The bonus of Noodelation is an internal therapeutic massage, commonly known as hearty laughter.

- Paul Krassner, writer, rabble-rouser, co-founder of the Yippies,
and publisher of The Realist from 1958 to 2001

Noodelation offers the known physiological and psychological benefits of laughter while focusing on a particular area of tension we would all love to leave behind.

- Jen Mathews, CLYT, Laughter Yoga International

This is totally ridiculous. Everyone should try it!

- Neera T. Paine, Massage Therapist, CMT, BP, CIMI

Noo-del oo-del oo-del oo-del, oo-del oo-del oo-del oo-del

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