"If you're curious about the mysterious mind-buttocks connection then you'll absolutely love this book! Utterly brilliant and totally hilarious, this insightful parody provides invaluable instructional guidance for mastering some of the world's most fun and spiritually-elevating massage therapy techniques. It's simply overflowing with really unique wisdom and good humor; you'll laugh your way to better health. Highly recommended!"

- David Jay Brown, psychobiologist, certified massage therapist,
and author of Mavericks of the Mind, and other great books

"It worked! I'm a noodling convert!"

- Diana Reed Slattery, The Institute for the Encouragement of Outrageous Ideas

"I can't believe it took me 70 years to discover Noodelation. But, better late than never! It's SO much good 'n' healthy fun! Obviously, YouTube has no sense of humor. We loved the video and we've been practicing the Gluteal Giggle Massage, to our delight, ever since. If you want to do a survey, we'll vote for it!"

- G. Y., California

"We all had a good laugh at the Noodelation, particularly the deer enjoying massage. Think I'll have to Noodelate my wife tonight ..... Congrats on the launch of this -- I really like the enthusiastic but irreverent testimonials! Bummer about YouTube. I can see why they would, in a superficial way, judge the massage to be erotic. And yet, doesn't YouTube have all sorts of videos which are much more obviously erotic, and intentionally so?"

- S. C., Lancaster, Pennsylvania

"Insane, ridiculous, absurd -- ha ha -- (re: YouTube) like the whole country -- Have we reached the state, perfectly dramatized in a movie, whose name I forgot: The mansion is burning and we see the silhouette of the crazy woman, who started the fire, dancing thru the flames in triumphant agony?"

- Brummbaer, German-American digital artist, art director,
designer, graphic artist, and 3D modeler.

"Very original, funny and imaginative!"

- N. P., California

"re: YouTube - No joyful erotic contact while we are doing our patriotic duty to make war, to torture, even rape the world! War=peace, hate=love etc., Keep noodling!"

- G. F., Thailand

"I'm aghast with fury at the damned censors and agog with laughter at your unstoppable technique of noodelation... a journey to better health and better vocal chords... I think I am even more able to better enunciate difficult consonant and vowel combinations ... Wow, I'll take two, make that a triad! Fuck YouTube. They can't take a good noodelation."

- V. L., Santa Cruz, California

"It is quite insane how our culture makes distinctions about what's acceptable."

- David Drew Longey, Artist and Educator in Digital Media,
Greenfield, Massachusetts

"Go figure, butt massages are censored, but violence is totally a go in our world. This place is crazy! Bring on the paradigm shift already, puleese!"

- C. B., Cleveland, Ohio

"Good grief. I never cease to wonder how those Puritans that founded the Euro-based culture in the U.S. still seem to be alive and well and ruining life for everyone else. Yes, it's amazing that they have no trouble sending young men and women to die in bloody wars, and are more than happy to condemn other people for their sexual orientation or their religious beliefs or non-beliefs, and yet cannot stand the sight of their own monkey bodies."

- D. K., University Professor, Miami, Florida

"Your letter to YouTube was beautifully eloquent and I am hoping that somehow this controversy will add some kind of fuel to this much needed fire of awakening... We are at such a place of not only waking up to what is being suppressed...but the awareness of the suppressive forces themselves... These are the times we were made for...I see you/us as the second wave...great work!"

- N. H., California


- J. M., Oregon

"Noodelation is SO relaxing and GOOD. It releases tension I didn't even know I had. YouTube must be up-tight anal retentive. They need to take a Noodelation Break."

- B. G., California

"I watched the video, and in no way thought of it as sexual in nature. In fact, I laughed along with the recipient. If YouTube finds your videos offensive, I suggest that they scour all of the obscene material that does get viewed. What I have seen and heard on YouTube, makes me wonder who rejects the material for public viewing. This is absurd, and insulting to all intelligent people. Noodelation in no way fits YouTube's idea of sexual content, in my opinion!"

- F. D., Quakertown, Pennsylvania


- T. F., artist, California

"Effin' Google. Further evidence that Google is an evil, irresponsible company, as if the monopolistic, collusive practices and invasions of privacy weren't enough. I'm upset enough about this that I would sue, if I were you. I know I'd lose, but I'd just want to waste Google's time and money. I'll study this when I should be working next week, and I hope to start practicing the technique soon."

- Chris, Oakland, California

"I am so sorry to hear YouTube has done this terrible thing. I knew as soon as I had seen Noodelation what it is all about. All I can say is that whomever the culprit was that has made the complaint to YouTube in the first place, has to have an evil mind. I do not claim to be perfect, but I do consider myself a person of good faith and understanding. I had never heard of Noodelation, However I UNDERSTOOD perfectly where you were coming from."

- D. M., Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania

Noo-del oo-del oo-del oo-del, oo-del oo-del oo-del oo-del

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