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Practitioners of Noodelation should choose this activity for the highest and most ethical of purposes (we believe fun is ethical, as long as it is mutually agreed upon). All forms of massage and manipulation of another’s body carry the risk of physical and mental injury if not performed with a conscious effort to help or heal the client. Noodelation carries the extra risk of stimulating a conscious or unconscious association with sexual activity. Sometimes associations may be connected to conscious or repressed memories of unfortunate experiences. As with all forms of body work, the practitioner must be aware of the client’s reactions, and respond with appropriate care.

In interviews with many massage therapists during the research and refinement of the Noodelation Massage Technique, we were not surprised to hear on numerous occasions that therapists have strong opinions and experiences related to the massage of the buttocks. We found that many therapists will only proceed with gluteal massage after first consulting with the client, obtaining permission, and often will proceed with the buttocks covered with a sheet - essentially massaging the sheet as much as the person. Other therapists simply avoid massage on or near any sexually sensitive part of the body. Clearly, inhibitions have sometimes caused clients to misinterpret an ethical therapist's good intentions, and fear of misinterpretation has led to considerable caution on the part of therapists, resulting in a quantifiable decrease in worldwide butticular massage.

At Pelorian Digital (Noodelation Division) we find this state of affairs unacceptable. Given the physiological and psychological importance of the buttocks, any unnecessary buildup and retention of butticular stress can only lead to a cascade of physical and mental disabilities. We cringe at the image of whole societies attempting to engage in daily activities while inhibited by the restraints of a tight butt.

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